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Breath, it is the first thing we do after we're born, and the last thing we do before we pass over, and in
between those two events, we can use our breath to transform negative vibes into positive energy.
Breathwork is a very powerful tool to cultivate present moment awareness.

Breathwork, it's a term that is used for various breathing techniques and practices. During this "work" we consciously change our breathing patterns to help us relax, get in a "flow state" and access our subconscious to release pent up thoughts and energies.

Breathwork can help reduce stress & anxiety, release suppressed emotions & trauma, bring about insight, emotional balance and connection to others. What's more? Breathwork is a perfect tool to prepare for, and integrate a psychedelic journey.

There is currently limited evidence that breathwork may be as helpful for relaxation and stress than meditation, but I strongly recommend that you check it out for yourself!









Wim Hoff, SOMA, Radiance, Rebirth, Holotropic,... there are many different types and brand names. I was trained as a "Core Healing Breathwork Facilitator". Although the training mainly focused on Rebirth Breathwork, we touched upon many different techniques and styles, and I am continuously learning about various types of breathwork techniques.

My group sessions are based on (but not limited to) Circular Connected Breathing, this particular technique involves a continuous breathing with no pauses between the in- and exhalations. It is fully guided during the process, no special knowledge or previous experience required. Come with an open mind and be prepared to experience a renewed sense of vitality.

Anyone can benefit from breathwork. No matter what age, political or spiritual views. You can book private personalized breathwork sessions below, and if you are looking for group breathwork sessions, you can find me every Wednesday evening at Little Yoga Space in Lisbon. If you want more, make sure you don't miss any one-off sessions on the events page.