Passionate about rewilding our lives and environment, restoring our connection with
nature and our inner wisdom. Through the exploration of non-ordinary states of consciousness,
ceremonies, rituals and consequent lifestyle choices.

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About Nicolas

As far as I can remember, I have always been looking for a deeper meaning in life and authentic connections with others. I guess something that I currently call "the essence of life". As a highly energetic person, a deep dreamer and an abstract thinker, my life has always felt like an obverse balancing act. Needless to say, with a lack of proper personal developmental tools and an overflow of reciprocal distrust from Western culture, this was a perfect recipe for strong inner conflicts, which resulted in lots of rage and frustration during my teenage years.

The more I thought, the less I understood. The more I tried to connect, the lonelier I felt. Not all was bad, I had many blessings, like fantastic brothers and a handful of extremely reliable friends with whom I share memories of the most wonderful adventures. Nevertheless, the world was a confusing place, not to mention school, which I couldn't describe in any other words then an arduous waste of time. Obviously, this resulted in a downward spiral of troubles and bad grades. But eventually, with some delay, I managed to reach the finish line.

Later in life, in my twenties, the soul of house and techno music got me madly in love (a spark that ignited in my teens). The people, the sounds, the culture, the smell of revolution. It felt like coming home. Eager to have a prominent role in this boundless tribe, I spent loads of time producing music and trying to score DJ gigs in local pubs with my partner in crime, Wim. This was accompanied by drinking astronomic quantities of alcohol, taking E's till the sun rises and working dull and frustrating jobs for the sake of the weekend.

Oh, the magic of raving, which was at that time, the only form of ritual that somehow resonated with my core values and general energy. It just never got old.

Some years later, naively entering my 30's, some people and powerful plant medicines lighted up new potential paths in my life (the seeds of my spiritual practices were planted decades before, but that story is for another occasion). Slowly but surely, I embarked on a more holistic journey. Anxiously shedding off my technomusic cocoon, radically upcycling my bitterness towards Western culture and repurposing my indoctrinated shame for psychedelics and alternative lifestyles. The start of an intense transformative journey.

Anyhow, long story short, I am Nicolas, DJ, qigong amateur, skincare formulator, nature lover, and so much more. Passionate about non-ordinary states of consciousness, I am a certified breathwork facilitator (Core Healing Breathwork - 125h) and continuously learning about various holistic practices and psychedelic harm reduction & integration.


Believe it or not, your personal well-being is not my main goal. It's for "Pacha Mama", earth, our home that I feel the need to share this work. By facilitating change in each individual person, we migh have a shot at overcoming the destructive forces of "materialism".

I'm delighted our paths crossed, let's meet soon. In the meantime, explore my therapeutic playlists on Spotify, get lost in my writings on substack, dig my podcasts and DJ Mixes on Soundcloud and discover my all natural personal care brand here.


"I Am not a healer, the healer is inside you!"