We share life on this beautiful globe we call home. Home is a magnificent but delicate place, built upon intricate networks and sacred elements. Let's treat her accordingly. Group ceremonies can help us gain a better understanding of each other, and our relationship to our habitat. Just as we all carry our personal knowledge and history, so do we all carry our part of the divine truth. By celebrating life, and death, and everything in between, we aspire humbleness and gratefulness.

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  • Breathwork Journey Lisboa
    Multiple Dates
    quarta, 17/08
    Little Yoga Space Lisboa
    Are you ready to let go of old sh*t that has been haunting your daily life? Tensions at home? at work? Do you ever feel like you need to get away from it all? Do you feel stuck in life? Can your confidence use a boost?
  • Psychedelic Integration Circle
    quarta, 07/09
    Little Yoga Space
    Do you have questions about psychedelics, want to share a meaningful experience, or maybe you had a challenging experience and want to make sense of it? Join our Psychedelic Integration Circle!