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Circular Exploration Breathwork with Live music by H.A.R.A.L.D
Circular Exploration Breathwork with Live music by H.A.R.A.L.D

Wed, 14 Feb



Circular Exploration Breathwork with Live music by H.A.R.A.L.D

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Where & When

14 Feb 2024, 19:30 – 22:00

Antwerpen, Boomgaardstraat 72, 2600 Antwerpen, Belgium

About The Event

Circular Exploration - Breathwork and live music by H.A.R.A.L.D

Experience expanded states of consciousness through breathwork and live music. Breathwork can help reduce stress & anxiety, release suppressed emotions & trauma, bring about insight, emotional balance and connection to others. During this event Nicolas, Amelien and Silke will help you to navigate states through “Circular” Connected breathing. This is an exclusive session with live music by H.A.R.A.L.D, an Antwerp based music producer and hedonistic explorer. Are electronic circuits susceptible to wizardry? Are they sensitive to changes in planetary energy fields? Can the magnetism of our auras influence the behaviour of musicians and their instruments? Let’s explore!

Open to all, no previous knowledge or experience required!

Join us is an exploration through altered states during this very special breathwork Journey with Harald, providing live music with his synthesisers and hurdy-gurdy.

About Harald:

As an organic house producer, multi instrumentalist and composer for different formations H.A.R.A.L.D transforms electronic beats into a living breathing entity. From the enchanting notes played on his ceremonial hurdy gurdy through the pumping beats he produces with both analog and digital archetypes. With his raw energy, soulful vocals and shaky bass lines he transforms the dance floor into sacred ground. Ready to bring the audience a collective and vibrant experience resonating to the universal being in a very sexy way Playing music since the age of eight, experimenting music styles and cultures. Undeniably defying his signature sound. Since 2022 H.A.R.A.L.D traveled across Europe playing his live sets. Trying to conduct and translate energy into dance music. Through passion, craftsmanship, technology and love he opens up a realm that was not sensible before

About the facilitators:

Nicolas: is a spaceholder, breathwork facilitator, Enrootment method practitioner, DJ, and teambuilding facilitator. He is passionate about extraordinary states of consciousness and works with the intention of re-connecting you with your inner healer. 

For him, altered states are not only a tool to heal our deepest wounds and create new pathways, but also a vital key to overcoming the global challenges we are facing. “Let’s do it, for humanity”. He is the founder of Psychonauts Lisboa and the Antwerp Psychedelic Society, through which he hosts monthly integration circles and other events. Amelien: offers Intuitive massages and facilitates Enrootment method bodywork sessions with her practice called Sage, based in Antwerp Zurenborg. Silke: Safety and authenticity are keywords in Silke’s life. In her work with vulnerable adolescents, the impact of trauma on human beings life's show itself everyday. This encouraged her to work on a deeper level to find understanding of what it means to live in this world.

Silke is reiki and Enrootment method practitioner. She desires a world where individuals are in connection with their bodies, emotions and authentic selves as well as with the collective consciousness.

As a co-facilitator of the Enrootment Method Foundations training, she contributes to a world where trauma-informed bodywork can continue its journey of healing ourselves and others around us. Silke has a passion of co-creating safety to stimulate healing for everyone, on a collective as well as on an individual level.

Come and breathe. limited spots! - book your spot here

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